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1. Tier Two teams may have up to two (2) players on their roster that are no younger than 28 years of age for the 2018-19 season; and no less than 30 years of age for the 2019-20 season. Subsequent seasons will require all players to be 30 years old or older.

                a. Prerequisite:  Players younger than 30 years old must have been full-time players on their team during the 2016-17 season.

                b. Substitute players in the 2016-17 season do not qualify.

2. If for any reason a player younger than the age limitation noted in guideline #1 above is allowed to play for a season, that player MAY NOT assume that they are eligible to play (or be grandfathered) in the league for subsequent seasons.

                a. Caveat: The captain of the team with such a player may petition the league (and call for a vote of the captains/managers) for permission to allow that player to play again on a season-by-season basis until that payer attains the age of 30.
                b. Voting: The majority vote of the team captains/managers will decide the acceptance or denial of allowing such a player to play for the season in question.

3. All players must verify their age with a legitimate form of identification at the beginning of the season.

Sunday Night League Fee.

Team Fee: $4400 Cash/check discounted fee ($1000 non refundable deposit due September 7th) Credit Card payments will incur an additional 3% processing fee. Earliest deposit secures placement as we will be limited to 18 teams. Second payment due November 9th for $1700. Last payment of $1700 is due January 25th, 2019. Delinquent teams will face dismissal from the league until payment is current, and will also incur additional administrative costs. Games will start on September 30th. No games Super Bowl Sunday .
General Info: Preseason games start 9-30-18, regular season games 10-14-18. All games are held on Sundays. We reserve the right to move teams into other divisions for the sake of competitive and fair play. USA Hockey rules will apply, as well as any additional arena rules. All rules are listed on our website at www.lakeshoresportscentre.net. It is your responsibility to read and know them.
This is a non-checking league.
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We reserve the right to combine divisions if needed.
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