Wednesday and Sunday afternoon practices.  Saturdays will be your bonus day.   It's ALL about the ice time!

 We will attend Jamborees and Exchanges at the Mite level, approximately 10-13 are offered, and we typically put in to host at least 3!  We also offer Mini Mite exchanges whenever available. 

We took a poll, and listened to the request for Friday night free, and the weekday practice voted on was Wednesday.  

Practice will be Wednesday.  Mites and Mini Mites.   

  ​Sunday afternoon.  4:00 pm  Mini Mites.  4:30 pm Mites. 

Pre Hockey Learn to skate will be on Sunday @ 3 and 3:30 pm.

There is plenty of time for church in the morning and family dinner in the afternoon!  

Cost for the program:  $450 Mites and $400 mini mites.  

Most  practices wil be held in the South rink where the Varsity Games are held!

Please note Mite and Mini Mite fees listed include 2 practices weekly (25 weeks) Wednesday and Sunday, (60 minutes time slots)  with approximately 10 exchanges on Saturdays.  We will put in to host a minimum of 3 events!  

Season's first practice will be October 3rd.  No Skating during the Christmas Break.  We will have LOTS of skills and drills practices pre season to keep you skating if you wish prior to the season starting.

Late Joiners will be prorated.  Finish up soccer, football, etc.  We'll wait!

BUT, make sure you sign up early tho so we can order your jersey, and keep you in the loop about our social events.  

Players paid in full will be given a free sticks and pucks pass for use over and over June and July. 

Jerseys and socks will be provided.  We have a sponsor for warm ups again as well.


Registration open for Squirt, Peewee and Bantam House 2018-2019.

Click here to register!

2018-2019 Lakeshore Amateur Hockey Association  Registration Form (Including Mites and Mini Mites)

Please note house fees listed include 2 practices weekly, one hour of full ice, one hour shared ice (25 weeks), up to 16 home games (squirts), up to 18 home games (pee wees and bantams), jersey and socks, and a tournaments (one tournament is included).

Registration open for All Programs..

We have selected Coach Chris Cutter to be head coach for a Squirt team, and Coach Rick Cousineau (non parent) to be head coach for a peewee team.  Any other interested applicants may fill out a coaches application, and that link is at the top of the page.  We are excited to bring you these two fantastic coaches!

Registration open for Mites and Mini Mites 2018-2019.