School first.     Hockey second.

Friday and Sunday afternoon practices.  Saturdays will be your bonus day.

 We will attend Jamborees and Exchanges at the Mite level, approximately 10 are offered, and we have put in to host at least 3!  Last year the Mini Mites were able to participate in an exchange as well.  We have a wonderful relationship with Westshore Associations, and exchanges are already in the works!

We've listened to the parents say how difficult it is to get home, eat dinner, do homework and get ready for tomorrow's school day after practice during the week.  Therefore..  No more weekday practice.

Practice will be Friday.  5:30 to 6:30.  Mites and Mini Mites.  As the need for more ice presents itself, we will split the groups and adjust our start times.  


​Sunday afternoon.  2:30 pm.  Both groups.  When we need to split due to growth,  Mites will move to 3:30 pm.  Learn to skate will be on Sunday @ 1:30 and 2 pm.

There is plenty of time for church in the morning and family dinner in the afternoon!  

Cost for the program:  $450 Mites and $395 mini mites.  

Most  practices wil be held in the South rink where the Varsity Games are held!

Please note Mite and Mini Mite fees listed include 2 practices weekly (25 weeks) Friday and Sunday, (60 minutes time slots)
 with approximately 10 exchanges on Saturdays.  We will put in to host a minimum of 3 events!  

Season's first practice  will be October 6th.  No Skating during the Christmas Break.  

Jerseys and socks will be provided.

We are in the planning stages of our Mite overnight Lock in again..  STAY TUNED!


2017-2018 Mini Mites and Mites

Lakeshore Sports Centre is excited to offer an Instructional Hockey program thru USA Hockey!