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Lakeshore Chiefs Mites & Mini Mites 2019

Why Choose the Chiefs?

We are the fastest growing youth hockey organization in the area for a reason!!

Discount Pass for registered Players: This valuable pass gives you free sticks and pucks (family sticks and pucks too!) and public skate until July 5th.  It also gives you a discount on skills and drills as well, as well as access to Chiefs Only power skates  

  Powerskate Thursdays @ 6:30 for Mites  with Megan Johnson of Pure Hockey performance camp.  Cost is $10, and your pass gives you a $2 discount off that price

  Jersey/sock & warm up fitting:  June 25th & July 10th 11am-7pm We will be fitting jerseys, socks and warm ups on two separate days, as we'd like to have these available to the kids as soon as the season begins. Parents can bring their child to try on these items, fill out their order sheet and turn it in on these two days.  If you are on an extended vacation, and can't make either one, please get with me to make other arrangements!                             

Who gets warm ups? EVERYONE! All players get warm ups, from mini mites to peewees.                            

Mites and Mini Mites Jerseys:  Any mite moving up to squirt will receive new jerseys and socks.  Any new Mite or Mini Mite will be able to choose whatever number they like. We could have four   #8's, we don't care at the instructional level!  If you won't be starting until later in the season, we still need to get your jersey and warm up ordered now.  We have events that start very early in the season, and we want the kids looking sharp! Deposits must be in for us to place an order for your child.  Once the order is placed, there is no refund of player deposit unless medical reasons pertain.                                                                                                                                           

 When do we start the season?  Mite and Mini Mites will have their season begin on October 2nd.  Practices will be Wednesday and Sundays once again.  We prefer these days, as you never miss out on your practices for a jamboree or exchange which are almost always held on Saturday.  There are approximately 10-13 Mite exchanges held in the season, (we hosted 4 last  year) and we attended 7 Jamborees.  This is like getting an extra "half of a season" for free!   Mini Mites do not get the exchanges like the Mites do, so as we host Mite events, we invite other association's mini mites to come play us.  We do attend as many Mini Mite Jamborees as are offered, with a couple of overnight  ones for those interested in attending!

How do I register?  Visit our website at