Muskegon Junior Jack Mites and Mini Mites!   

 Mites and Mini Mites registration will be up soon!  2016-2017




For Birth Years 2011 thru 2008

 Mites and Mini Mites (Ages 5-8)

After mastering the skating skills learned in pre hockey learn to skate.   Mite and Mini Mite Hockey (learn to play) program is designed to introduce the fundamental skills needed to begin to play hockey.  Players in this program will learn and develop stickhandling skills, passing, shooting, positions, and rules of the game.  Continued focus will be placed on skating, with the added element of handling a stick and puck.  Intersquad scrimmages will be conducted in 3 on 3 cross ice or 4 on 4 half ice formats.  This class will mostly be made up of CIT learn to skate graduates within this age bracket, and will grow throughout the year as new graduates emerge.  Instructional hockey drills will be the foundation of this program.  This will give our participants the necessary hockey skills needed to progress these players into the  House & Travel hockey teams.


The Muskegon  Mite and Mini Mite hockey season consists of  players skating twice a week  starting  September and ends in mid March.

There will be no hockey during Christmas break.



Mini Mite Division $395  

2010 & 2011 Birth Years

We skate twice a week!


Mite  Division       $450 all inclusive- jersey, jamborees, exchanges and more!

2009 & 2008  Birth Years

We Skate twice a week!



Required Equipment:  Full hockey equipment is required for this class.  Including: Skates, shin guards,

Hockey socks, athletic cup & supporter, hockey pants, elbow pads, shoulder pads,

helmet with facemask, gloves, and an ice hockey stick.**


 Loaner equipment has a limited quantity, and is available on a first come, first serve basis.  If interested, please bring your skater in prior to the first day of class for fittings.


** Please note that proper fit skates will be smaller than your players shoe size…and just because your player is right handed, does not necessarily mean they should use a right handed stick.  



PLEASE REGISTER FOR CLASS ONLINE     $100 deposit is due at registration.